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    Such a great app.

  • 30 years ago … going back soon.

  • Current situation….

  • Word of the day: cog

    A single-masted sailing vessel, clinker-built, with steep sides and a flat bottom. One of the primary trade vessels in the High Middle Ages

  • Irresistible North

    Started reading Irresistible North by Andrew Di Robilant. It is about the Zen(o) Brothers and the family’s claims in the late Middle Ages that their grandfather had been lost and accidentally traveled throughout the North Atlantic to Greenland and perhaps beyond in the late 14th century - before Columbus first trip to the New World.

    This is my second book in a row about the late Middle Ages. Every now and then I get focused on a particular time period and place in history that I find fascinating. For a while it was the United States in the late 19th century (read Nothing Like it in the World (Transcontinental Railroad), In the Kingdom of Ice (USS Jennette voyage) etc . . ). The last book I read was The Faithful Executioner, a story about an executioner in Germany in the 16th century. Late last year I read Enemy of All Mankind about a pirate at the end of the Age of Discovery.

    Irresistible North is really about the dawn of the Age of Discovery and the Italian City State of Venice in particular. So far the books is well-sourced with primary material from Venice.

    Through reading the story, I am also learning a ton about ship building and types, especially as the voyages transitioned from the Mediterranean to the Atlantic. Longer trip required a different type of vessel.

    Enjoying the book so far. Its about a tike period and location that I know little… and want to lean more.

  • Five years …


  • Our current financial markets have the nationalization of loss and the privatization of gain. This will not end well.

  • ‘“There is a tide in the affairs of men, Which taken at the flood leads on to fortune. Omitted, all the voyage of their life Is bound in shallows and in miseries.

    On such a full sea we are now afloat. And we must take the current when it serves. Or lose our ventures.”

    • Julius Caesar, William Shakespeare
  • I simply love this …

  • Facebook just de-platformed Australia.

    If that doesn’t show you who is in charge (at least for a while) nothing will.

  • Word of the day: exhausted

    Nuff said

  • Pandora - I love it.

    Fantastic for music discovery.

  • Glad the Super Bowl is over.

    Now the Chiefs can keep talking about all the rings they are going to win.

    And Tom Brady and keep winning them.

    At least that is settled

  • Word of the Day: lockdown

    Presented without comment:

  • Parents...

    So I got my parents an internet connected photo-frame for Christmas. Amazingly, they set up all by themselves and have even loaded a few photos into it. The point was for my wife and I to be able to upload photos directly to them and the frame through the internet. So on the phone last night I asked for the serial number so I could identify the frame and connect to it remotely. My Dad says, “let me go get it.” After a few minutes he comes back:.

    Him: “I got it. Do you have something handy to write this down?”

    Me: “Ready to go, Dad”

    Him: “7… 2…. 3…. 4”.

    Me: <sigh>

    Mother: “That cant be it.”

    Him: “Well, it was the number that it gave me. It told me to write it down

    Mother: “That cant be it.”

    Him: “It was the number that it gave me. It gave me that number. It told me tow write it down!”

    Me: <sigh>

    Just a day in a life of the pandemic …

  • February Photo: Day One - close up 📷

  • Word of the Day: Silver

    Blue Horseshoe loves silver

  • Word of the Day: Short Sale

  • Red Pill or Blue Pill?

    Originally published in 1978. Presented without comment.

    “If you wish to keep slaves, you must have all kinds of guards. The cheapest way to have guards is to have the slaves pay taxes to finance their own guards. To fool the slaves, you tell them that they are not slaves and that they have Freedom. You tell them they need Law and Order to protect them against bad slaves. Then you tell them to elect a Government. Give them Freedom to vote and they will vote for their own guards and pay their salary. They will then believe they are Free persons. Then give them money to earn, count and spend and they will be too busy to notice the slavery they are in”.

    - Alexander Warbucks

  • Word of the Day: Establishment

    People shouldn’t be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.

    - Alan Moore, V for Vendetta

    P.S. - I am probably on some watch list now. So it goes…

  • Just finished Homeland - Season 2

    Better than Season 1 in my opinion. Really solid. Looking forward to Season 3. No spoilers please.

  • Word of the Day: chresmomancy

    “predicting the future by examinaing the ravings of lunatics”

    Its a perfect word to describe today’s hyperbolic environment

  • Word of the Day: Joy

  • Word of the Day: Sikkim

    Border clashes between 2 superpowers should always make the WOD

  • Brady… Brady … Brady ….


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