Here is what I am doing NOW.


I have started reading again for fun and intellectual stimulation. I am mixing ebooks, hardbacks, and audiobooks.  Kobo is my preferred book source. Kobo works well and has audiobooks. Amazon already has plenty of my money - don't need to give them any more.  If you want to see what I am reading ow head over to my profile at Goodreads. I just finished Dune and have started reading Courage is Calling. 

Reengaging with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Reluctantly.  But there are not many good alternatives. Unfortunately . . . I will be careful and (try to ) have more control.


We have vowed to travel more, and we are doing so.  Just came back from a Cruise to the Bahamas over Thanksgiving.  Heading to visit friends in DC soon and hading to the California desert next year.

updated: 19-Dec-2021