Likely Suppressed by . . Someone.

I should have the top "rcjackson" twitter profile

Well, I have started posting to this blog again.  Off and on . . off and on  . . for almost a decade of blog posting now. But here is the funny part. I went to add my twitter profile to this site.  It's a simple process.  Go to the url of your twitter profile page and insert the link.  So I did that the way most people would. I typed in my twitter handle (@rcjackson) and "twitter" into a Google search bar - and wa la, your twitter profile page should pop right to the top. I should have the top result.

Except I don't.

Instead, two other profiles appeared before mine.  Neither were exact match like "rcjackson" but some variant (one had III after to, and the other 0045). Now I know I am the oldest "RCJackson" profile on twitter because I specifically chose that handle after the ones I wanted were not available. I have been on twitter since 2008, an early adopter. I also may be the most prolific rcjackson poster with over 11,000 tweets over the past 12 years (I know - kind of sad really, but I just . . cant . . stop . . ).

So Why is That?

The two profiles above me on the first page of google are newer, have fewer tweets than I do, and have fewer followers than I have. So why are they higher?  I don't know.  How Google or Twitter chooses to rank these pages is a big mystery.  I do know one thing though.  Those profiles are  . . how should I say this . . . reflective of Twitter and Google's political views or at least the views that are ore common on these platforms. Now I am not a conspiracy theory buff, but I don't trust the tech giants . . at all.  Especially Google and Facebook. Twitter is rapidly losing trust with me.  Only Apple still has some, mostly because it is a hardware, not software, based company. Its Users are not the product.  Its products are the actual products. Regardless, the kind of stuff really freaks me out and pisses me off at the same time.  I know that the last few times I have Google my twitter handle I was the top result. I mean, it is the oldest exact match handle wit the most content.  It should be No.1.  But it isn't anymore. . . strange. I am sure this is just another "oversight" or "bug" by Google or Twitter.  

Nothing to be worried about.  Nothing to see hear. . . .