Training for a Through Hike

Crested Butte to Aspen Hike

I decided I am going to hike from Crested Butte to Aspen this summer. Easier said than done, of course. I have ~~two ~~three big problems:

It’s a 10.3 mile hike

…and I am way out of shape. Working on fixing this though.

It’s between 10500 feet and 12500 feet

…this is a very very big problem for me. I am a Florida flatlander. Even walking at 10000 feet elevation is hard. I have a plan though.

NEW - 335 inches of snow this winter

The mountains have had over 335 inches of snow this winter. That's a lot of snow. The last time they had this much, the trail did not open until August. I was planning on going in July. Local experts are saying that even if the trail is open, the snow on it could add an extra 2- 3 miles of hiking. Not good.

The Plan

I have been hiking regularly in Florida - not quite the mountains, but its all i have for now. I want to get the total distance of the hike out of the way. And I have been hiking with a backpack with weight in it. So that will help.

When I get to Colorado this summer, I plan on starting slow but building endurance at altitude. May not get the total hiking distance in or the higher altitudes, but several 3- 7 miles at 8500-10000 feet will help me adjust to the higher elevations.

Not much I can do about the snow. It will either be there or not. If I have to postpone, so be it. I will find another hike or wait il next year.

Lets see how all of this play's out....