Race of the Month - 2015

For 2015, I am running in a race a month. I didn't decide to do this until last week, so we will just skip January. Maybe I can make it up with a double month sometime during the year.

The reason is simple. I need a little focus to keep me on the road. And a race is just what the doctored ordered for some focus. I don't plan on always running hard in these races, but once you are in a race, its hard to back off. It is still race after all.

Springtime won't be a problem here in North Florida; the weather is beautiful and the races are plentiful. The issue will be during the summer months. It is really hot here in the summer, and the races are few and far between. From my initial look, there is not one single race scheduled within 50 miles of my home in June, July, or August. I will find something, even if I have travel a little.

Tentative Race Schedule so far

    • Feb: Bay Education Foundation 5K

    • Mar: Anglers 5K

    • Apr: JL Rabbit Race 5K or Runway Race 10K

    • May: Race Judicata 5K

More to follow . . .