I have had enough . . .


I have have enough of the banning and censorship. We have given these big tech companies a tremendous amount of power.  they know almost everything about us.  They have our likes, hates, habits, and privacy.  We have given this to them freely with the promise to connect to each other.  

And what do they do with all this power . . They restrict us from communicating with each other. They divide us at every opportunity. And they classify us into arbitrary categories with computer algorithms. 

The Internet is Freedom

The internet is freedom and can be again.  There are many capable, open source solutions from companies that are not trying to market to you constantly, gathering and selling your information where you as the product. Ownership is the key.  Dont give up your information. Dont gave up your privacy. Be judicious with the services you chose to use.  Use the ones that treat you best.

Bye Bye Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

I will be posting here again, and NOT on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. These companies have lost their purpose.  They have fallen victim to the mob. Maybe they will figure out that they are social networks  . . designed to be social and encourage communication, not restrict it. I hope they figure this out, but I don't think they will. 

Find Your Own Voice 

There are many places on the Internet to find your voice. Stop posting on platforms you don't control. Post and comment and communicate on places that you do. You will have better and closer relationships, have full control, and wont get canceled because you wear the wrong hat or say something someone doesn't like.