A New Year . . .

It's a new year.  

It's a time for change. I

t's a time for renewal.

Its all of those things and more. Unfortunately, I have gotten off to a slow start with a bout of COVID running through my family.  I have been sick for about 2 weeks, but am finally feeling better. The say Omicrom is "mild" but I would disagree.  It is not as dangerous as the other variants, but I would not call it "mild."  We have been stuck in the house for two weeks. No fun.  

If there was a good thing about being sick in the house, it was that I had a lot of time (when I wasn't feeling terrible) to work on house stuff. We cleaned up a room or two - rooms that have been disorganized for years - and generally started to get it in line for the upcoming year.  we talks about travel plans for this year and made some tentative decisions.  Travel, of course, will continue to be difficult.  But we can still make plans. I also got my home office cleaned up and functional for more work.  

Getting ready for the new year.  I am as optimistic as ever.  Always.