Here is what I am doing NOW


I have started reading again for fun and intellectual stimulation. I have discovered audiobooks and for now have decided to “read” two books at the same time - one print / ebook, and one audiobook. If you want to see what I am reading now head over to my profile at Goodreads

Currently reading: The Four Agreements bby Miguel Ruiz 📚

Just Finished: The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pandemic World by Rickards, James 📚


Homeland Currently just finished Season 3. Season 3 definatley seesm like an end. Its as if they werent sure if it would get renewed or not. I like stories with endings. Season 4 must go in a whole new direction.

Eliminating Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Looking for alternatives that I control

updated: 08-Feb-2021